Will Rogers Elementary has been accepted and selected to be a part of the Schools for Healthy Lifestyles Program for the past 6 years. (2009-2016)

To promote and maintain healthy lifestyle choices in Oklahoma through preventive, community-based school health education programs for students, their families, and faculty.

The Schools for Healthy Lifestyles (SHL) program, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, was developed in 1997. It is supported by the following partners and sponsors.

Oklahoma County Medical Society
Oklahoma State Department of Education
Oklahoma State Department of Health
Oklahoma City – County Health Department
Oklahoma City Public Schools

The 5 key areas address in this program are:
Promoting physical activity and fitness
Nutrition education and awareness
Tobacco use prevention
Safety and injury prevention
Oral Health Education

 The Benefits to our school include:
Public recognition, certificate, and school banners
Grant funding
Link to community resources and presenters
Intense training at the Summer Health Institute
Adopt-A-Doc and Adopt-A-Dentist Partnership
Ongoing technical assistance and support
Educational ideas and materials
Assessment materials and Fitnessgram Kit
Health and physical education curricula