ALERT: Thursday is a Non-Instructional Day. No Remote Learning is Required

Will Rogers faculty, staff, and students proudly support Swine Week each year by taking part in a week-long fundraiser here at school.  We also like to have fun while we are raising money for a very worthy cause, so here are the dress up day themes for WR Swine Week March 2-6.

Monday:  School Spirit Day! Show us your Will Rogers PRIDE!!!
Tuesday:  Hat Day! Wear a fun hat!
Wednesday:  Crazy Hair Day! Show us your silly and crazy hair side!
Thursday:  Twin Day!  Find a double!
Friday:  SWINE WEEK/PINK DAY!  Show your support for everything piggy by wearing pink or your Swine Week shirt from a previous year!

Our PTO’s fundraising goal to help EMHS and HALO Project, the program they are raising money for this year, is $3000. Let’s help make it happen!

History of EMHS Swine Week

Edmond Memorial’s annual community service project, Swine Week, began in 1986 when a small group of students decided to raise money for a friend in need. The students approached the principal, who supported the endeavor and even agreed to kiss a pig. $3,000 was raised, the principal kissed a pig, and Swine Week was born.

Flash forward 30+ years, and EMHS students have since raised over $6.5 million dollars for charity.

Here is a listing of all the total amounts raised by EMHS and the various individuals/organizations that benefited each year with the theme.
1986 ​$3,000​ Individual – Robin Orendorff Hogs & Kisses
1987 $3,200​ Individual – Saxon Vandagriff Let the Mud Fly!
1988 $3,000​ Individual – Ryan McCoy Ham It Up!
1989 $2,500​ Individual – John Reason Who Framed Squigly Piggly?
1990 $3,200.00 Individual – Eddie McAffrey Swine Me, Dine Me in 1990
1991 $3,000.00 Individual – Andy Reynolds When Pigs Fly
1992 $3,700.00 Individual – Jessica Lacy Pork Chop, Pig Slop, Pigs Reek, Swine Week
1993 $4,900.00 Individual – Toby Harris Hogs & Dogs
1994 $10,000.00 Individual – Kyle Shahan Swine Time!
1995 $10,000.00 Individual – Yancy Bain Dogs Going Hog Wild
1996 $15,700.00 Individual – Zach Jackson Bringing Home the Bacon
1997 $27,600.00 Individual – Jane Vanhoose Hog Heaven in ’97
1998 $60,000.00 Individual – Carson Scott Bacon on the Beach
1999 $85,000.00 Individual – Matt Adams Welc-Ham to the Jungle
2000 $120,000.00 Individual – Britton Burnett Mihami Vice
2001 $172,000.00 Individual – Jesslyn Keith Jurassic Pork
2002 $185,000.00 Individual – Jim Linam Pig Floyd: Pork Side of the Moon
2003 $143,000.00 Individual – Joshua Ashford Jabacon Me Crazy
2004 $129,000.00 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Brave Hog
2005 $141,653.00 Smile for a Child Mardi Hog
2006 $145,000.00 Hearts for Hearing Peter Ham
2007 $220,000.00 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation New Pork City
2008 $264,000.00 OK Family Center for Autism Viva Hog Vegas
2009 $318,000.00 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Pigelodeon
2010 $527,000.00 Jimmy Everest Children’s Cancer Center Piggy Wonka
2011 $462,000.00 Oklahoma Children’s Heart Center Hoggy Potter
2012 $475,709.00 Oklahoma Project Woman Pigsney World
2013 $353,011.00 Limbs for Life Star Boars
2014 $441,552.00 City Rescue Mission Monster’s Oink
2015 $701,334.00 Angels Foster Family Network OKC Pigtendo!
2016 $524,452.00 Calm Waters 30 for 30: History of Hogs
2017 $411,480.00 The Isaiah Stone Foundation Toy Boary
2018 $479,801.00 Make Promises Happen Alice in Wonderham