Welcome to the Will Rogers Library Media Center, a busy hub full of knowledge and pleasure.  Mrs. Menard and Mrs. Nalley are excited to help all our students expand their reading horizons, find sources of important information, and enjoy some educational fun!

Check Out and Obligations Policy

The total number of books a student may have checked out at any time is one for Pre-K thru 1st, two for 2nd thru 4th, and three for students in 5th. Any student, regardless of grade, who has a fine or obligation on their record will be allowed to check out one book only until the obligation is fulfilled.  Notices go out once a month to remind students if they have books that need to be returned or an obligation to fulfill.  If a book is lost or damaged, it must be paid for and a notice will be given to the student with the replacement cost of the book.  Payments can be made through the InTouch Online pay system, (a small processing fee will apply), a check made out to Will Rogers, or with exact change.  If you have questions, please contact either Mrs. Menard or Mrs. Nalley.