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My, How We’ve Changed!

original construction

The Sparkling New Will Rogers Elementary Is Welcoming 156 Pupils And Opening A New Trend In Education For Edmond (1970)

This photograph was taken for a story in the Oklahoma Times. The caption read: “EDMOND – The new school trend with an open space building and custom sized teaching areas has come to Edmond with the beginning of classes last Friday in Will Rogers elementary school.”

*Photo and information courtesy of Oklahoma Historical Society


Will Rogers Vision

We will endeavor to actively pursue excellence for ourselves and our students. We will make a positive difference in the lives of students through:

W WISDOM-Helping students make wise choices
I INSPIRATION-Teachers and students inspiring each other to be the best we can be
L LOVE-Developing and demonstrating a passion for learning
D DEDICATION-Helping each student dedicate themselves to experiencing success in learning
C CELEBRATION-Respecting and honoring our multicultural society
A AIM-Striving for Excellence
T TENACITY-Trying again and again
S SUPPORT-Providing a foundation for academic achievement

Our Mission