Oklahoma Tiered Intervention System of Support (OTISS)

Our school is currently using a model of academic and behavioral support called Oklahoma Tiered Intervention System of Support (OTISS). Under this instructional model, three levels (called ‘tiers’) of academic and behavioral supports are provided to students based on their instructional needs and/or behavioral expectations.

Our school based OTISS Team uses data collected from brief screening assessments, office discipline referrals, monthly behavioral logs and classroom observations to determine the appropriate tier for each student. If screening data indicates the need of additional supports for your child, you will receive written notification from your child’s teacher. This notification will indicate which supports are being implemented.

  • Tier 1 refers to core instruction of curriculum and of behavioral expectations provided to all students.
  • Tier 2 refers to an additional level of support which involves a formal intervention plan written in conjunction with the child’s teacher and the OTISS team.
  • Tier 3 refers to the most intensive supports available in the school which includes individualized academic interventions and/or a functional behavioral assessment to guide our intervention strategies.

For many children, extra support provided by the teacher within Tier 1 is sufficient to resolve academic skills and/or behavioral difficulties.Should you have any questions feel free to contact your child’s teacher or the OTISS Team Coordinators. Mr. Jose Hernandez is our school psychologist and the curriculum coordinator. Ms. Lou Moore LPC is our school counselor and the behavioral coordinator.