In late November, teachers who are on the WR STEM Committee had a chance to explore and train with items that will be going into our new Makerspace classroom in late January.  Everything that was looked at that day was hands-on, interactive, and suitable for multiple grade levels.  Teachers had a chance to work with things that were technology based, such as robots that required the use of an iPad, and circuit boards/kits that required nothing but hard work, attention, and creative thinking to master.

Mrs. Crystal Inga, our Enrichment teacher and WR Teacher of the Year, headed up the training.  She, along with several other teachers, wrote a grant to the Edmond Public Schools Foundation to obtain materials needed for the Makerspace.  Among the items granted were Osmo sets, Tiggly sets, Dash and Dot robots, Ozobots, Spheros, circuit board sets, and Little Bit circuit sets.