Active Schools, a national movement dedicated to ensuring 60 minutes of physical activity a day is the norm in K-12 schools, honored Will Rogers with the 2017 Let’s Move! Active Schools National Award for its outstanding efforts in creating an active school environment.

The Let’s Move! Active Schools National Award is the nation’s top physical education and physical activity distinction for K-12 schools and celebrates a school’s commitment to providing students with at least 60 minutes a day of before, during and after school physical activity. Only 452 schools across the country achieved this prestigious honor in 2017. Powered by a national collaborative of leading health, education and private sector organizations, Active Schools equips schools with the resources, programs, professional development and grants to increase physical education and physical activity opportunities for students, and to cultivate an active school environment. Why are Active Schools so important? Because Active Kids Do Better. Regular physical activity not only helps kids stay healthy and strong, but it can also lead to: higher test scores; improved attendance; increased focus; better behavior in class; enhanced leadership skills; and a lifetime of healthy habits.

“We commend Will Rogers’ model work around enhancing physical education and physical activity opportunities and inspiring students to perform their best both in the classroom and in life,” said Charlene R. Burgeson, Active Schools Executive Director. “ Will Rogers is leading the way in this generation-changing movement that is transforming our nation’s schools into active and healthy hubs.” To earn a Let’s Move! Active Schools National Award, a school must have met significant benchmarks in five areas: physical education; physical activity before and after school; physical activity during school; staff involvement; and family and community engagement. As part of the Let’s Move! Active Schools National Award package, Will Rogers received a large display banner, National Award certificate and congratulatory letter. Find out more about Let’s Move! Active Schools at www.letsmoveschools.org.