Our Check/Cash/Coin Campaign has started!!! For every $25 you donate by September 23rd your child’s name will be entered into prize drawings (see letter sent home in Thursday folder for a list of prizes). Click on the link below to donate. Be sure to designate your child’s name and class in the comment section. 100% goes to our school and is tax deductible. Thank you for your support!!!

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2016-2017 Will Rogers PTO

The Will Rogers P.T.O. is an organized group of parents who work together with teachers and administrators to support educational activities at school. The collaborative partnership between family and school provides a valuable resource of volunteers who augment the work of educators by assuming responsibilities that range from clerical work to tasks involving direct assistance with student learning. Underlying this program is the basic assumption that student performance, attitudes and behaviors are positively influenced by parental involvement. All families are encouraged to join-P.T.O. Membership is $3.00 per family. A school directory is $2.00. The P.T.O. Board meets each month to discuss and vote on fund-raising activities. Meetings are open to all P.T.O. members.

PTO Board Positions

President:  Tanna Bader
405-657-7005 tannabader@yahoo.com
Vice President:  Summer Muno
405-326-3806 howdysummer@yahoo.com
Co-VP of Fundraising:  Nina Cuthbertson
405-887-6462   nrcuthbertson@gmail.com
Co-VP of Fundraising:  Tara Houk
405-638-6891  houk5@att.net
Treasurer:  Daniel Lacher
405-802-8687  dannylacher@yahoo.com
Assistant Treasurer:  Kathie Grady
405-436-8255  kmgrady25@hotmailcom
Secretary:  Stephani Nichols
405-501-5730  girlsnichols3@live.com

PTO Committees & Leader(s)

Book Fair Coordinator
Box Tops Tara Houk 405-638-6891  houk5@att.net
Basket Bash
Adrianne Baker 405-420-1086  loud_adi@hotmail.com
Career Day
Chess Club Anna Rognas 405-202-4924  AB9190@yahoo.com
Directory Kinsey Thomas 405-659-2083  kinseylthomas@gmail.com
Fall Fest Tanna Bader 405-657-7005  tannabader@yahoo.com
Grade Parent Lead Vesper Grantham 405-990-5293  vesper-grantham@ouhsc.edu
Brandi Willimon 405-328-4088  brandisharp9@gmail.com
 Holiday Store  Nina Cuthbertson  405-887-6462 nrcuthbertson@gmail.com
 Land Run  Stephani Nichols  405-501-5730  girlsnichols3@live.com
Meet the Masters Holly Osburn 405-761-7217  hosburn1@uco.edu
Movie Night Stephanie Crandall 405-406-1801  stephiecrandall@aol.com
PALS Jennifer Peterman 405-762-1326  jennifer.peterman@live.com
Popcorn Days Mary Howell 405-206-8203  mhowell16@uco.edu
Restaurant Nights Paula Crawford 405-838-0507  paula6551@sbcglobal.net
Swine Week Holly Osburn 405-761-7217 hosburn1@uco.edu
Tara Houk 405-638-6891 houk5@att.net
T-shirts Holly Osburn 405-761-7217 hosburn1@uco.edu
Stephanie Lewis 267-799-6800  sazlewis@yahoo.com
Teacher Appreciation Brandi Willimon 405-328-4088  brandisharp9@gmail.com
Yearbook Stephanie Crandall 405-406-1801  stephiecrandall@aol.com